Cone Collection

Design C.F.Møller Architects

The Randi Cone is a series of bathroom accessories based on the shape of a cone cut into slices. Combining these slices in different ways offers a range of products with great variety in function, colour and material.

The Cone hooks are available in two sizes, and the largest can be combined with different wooden washers, creating a decorative wrap-around coat-hook. This can be used for a bag, a scarf or a hanger, which is kept free from the wall, so that the clothes on the hanger is presented gracefully.

The Randi Cone series also includes a toilet roll holder and a handy spare toilet roll holder - both with the same interchangeable end pieces as the hooks.


1875.20 PVD COATED

1875.60 PVD COATED

1875.80 PVD COATED


1876.20 PVD COATED

1876.60 PVD COATED

1876.80 PVD COATED


1879.20 PVD COATED

1879.60 PVD COATED

1879.80 PVD COATED


1880.20 PVD COATED

1880.60 PVD COATED

1880.80 PVD COATED