The concept and design company Njordrum was created with a background in the desire to bring the best of several worlds together. Njordrum thus works with a modular construction concept, where the rational, prefabricated construction process is brought together with well-thought-out architecture and design. Focus on bringing people and nature closer together and inspiring to use a home’s outdoor space more actively as well. Focus on making our physical framework supportive of the good life and independent of the number of square metres.

Randi-Line® Nordic STRAIGHT is designed for Njordrum’s simple architecture based on a further simplification of the Randi-Line® Nordic handle. Designed to fulfil the basic functional needs and demands to a modern door handle, Randi-Line® Nordic STRAIGHT integrates nature’s intelligence. The insert in birch bark – one of the oldest and renewable natural materials known from man-made designs and constructions – has a naturally high content of antibacterial substances and thus built-in resistance to bacteria. – the handle offers a perfect balance between form and function. Welcoming you with the warmth and softness of a handshake.