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by AART Designers

The idea behind 1071 was simple: to strip it down to the basics and discover what truly matters for a lever handle. What is essential and what can be left out? The result is a handle that balances form and function in a natural and intuitive way. It’s a handle that not only looks good but also feels right.

Experience 1071 in 4 spectacular colours: Stainless Steel, Black, Copper and Brass.

High quality since 1878

The essence of
good architecture

Randi A/S - Quality products in stainless steel and brass

Door handles, building fittings and sanitary equipment.


For decades the brand Randi has been synonymous with high quality architectural hardware in stainless steel and brass. The company was founded in 1878, producing cast door handles in the first workshop in Randers.


We collaborate with some of the most recognized architects and designers of the Nordic Region. The Scandinavian design heritage is a vital part of our company – and our products.


The Randi-Line® product range is designed in co-operation with renown Danish architects. The simplified, timeless design is based on the design philosophy that from start to finish the product should express only the things that matter; that form, function and choice of materials should combine to provide the simplest possible solution to accomplish the task.

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Randi collaborates with a wide range of architects and engineers on everything from private construction, to major public projects.

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